Linking mentors with those who seek mentoring is a key mandate for EVOKE. 

We take the time to connect mentors and protege that will help each other to grow and be inspired.

Please feel free to sign up to be a mentor or protege .The review process can take up to a month and space is limited.

Once we have your details we will email you more details on the program and learn more about you.


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    There are many reason to join EVOKE as a member. Access to a creative network of people just like you. Looking for job and gigs posts, Showcase your work, get industry news, equipment share and rent from local members, access to our group insurance plan.

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      We are ever expanding and always need to know who is out there and willing to help. We are not only looking for very talented professionals in the arts but anyone that can support EVOKE and its role in the community. 

      Please fill out form below and thank you for offering to help your community.

        TED TALKS

        With so many TED Talks on various subjects with our help we are able to curate these videos each month to Evoke discussion and inspiration.

          ROUND TABLE

          To make change you first need to discuss and challenge the status quo. We bring together a panel of experts who might not typically come together to discuss issues of importance that are affecting us today. From journalists to painters,musicians and activists bringing diverse voices to the discussion.

          Please submit your idea for a Round Table – Why – and with Whom.

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            Have you found a great story or article you want to share with the community ?


              EVOKE Foundation is committed to the values of visual art with social and creative impact, encouraging excellence and the creative freedom of artists.

              Our mission is to support filmmakers, photographers and visual artists worldwide with a strong artistic vision. Designed to educate and inspire.


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