A very special thanks to WeWork for your continued support with our beautiful suite of offices and the full support you provide to us, we couldn't do this without you.

A big thank you to GOOGLE ADWORDS for a kind donation of $10,000 worth of adverts every month. This is a huge help to get the message and important information out to the word.

BLUE Microphones have been there for us from the very start with the first project
WE ARE ONE VOICE. Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Foundry sponsorship allows us to solve complex visualization challenges to turn incredible ideas into reality. Foundry software was integral in the making of every VFX Oscar-winning film, award-winning TV shows and commercials for more than a decade. We could not do our work without their huge help and support, we are very grateful.


EVOKE Foundation is committed to the values of visual art with social and creative impact, encouraging excellence and the creative freedom of artists.

Our mission is to support filmmakers, photographers and visual artists worldwide with a strong artistic vision. Designed to educate and inspire.


©EVOKE FOUNDATION. A not-for-profit 501(c)3 Tax exempt organization dedicated to Social Change through Visual Arts and Media.


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